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I enjoy the American High School program cause being a single teen mom, I don't always have a baby sitter, nor all the time to focus on homework, as well finding time for my son while working and getting my education. Where with My American High School, I can do it in the comfort of doing it at home and also being with my son. I can avoid high school drama, and rude, mean, hateful people, which we all know we wish we could all do.

The American High School teachers, and counselors are always there for your assistance, always friendly, always willing to help you. I love this program, cause it has friendly people, the chapters are very detailed and help you understand what the assignment, essays, and work is asking you to do. However, if you do not understand the work your teacher is always a message away on Skype, or the Contact center. Everything on the dashboard is easily found. I truly couldn't have made a better decision then switching from the traditional high school to My American High School.


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