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American High School Teachers

Caring, Credentialed Teachers Provide Subject Matter Expertise & Authentic Feedback For Each Student.

Students have access to their teachers who guide them through the learning process by personalizing courses to meet student needs and offering ongoing support and feedback. American High School teachers are fully qualified, experienced professionals, many of whom possess an advanced degree and learning styles training.

American High School teachers are credentialed, possess strong subject area expertise and demonstrate a passion for teaching. Additionally, our teachers are well-versed in 21st Century Communication Skills and computer competency. At the core, our teachers embody the understanding of teaching as a collaborative process, rather than just the delivery of instruction and assessment of student work.

American High School understands the goal of education is to encourage students to discover and develop their interests, talents and natural gifts. This approach inspires students to become active learners who think independently, communicate effectively and see themselves as members of a global community. America High School teachers provide students with the necessary skills to become independent learners and self-directed adults who are confident about life direction and career paths.

Grades & Feedback

Our teachers grade each lesson with care. They provide authentic feedback, making comments that address each student’s areas of strength and challenge with expertise and compassion. Grades and student progress can be viewed online by students and parents in our user-friendly, interactive grade book.

Mastery-Based Program

Our program is mastery-based, meaning that our teachers can adjust the content or pace of lessons to suit the needs of students. Mastery-based education is centered on the principle that once students demonstrate that they have a proficient understanding of the lesson’s concepts, they may progress to subsequent lessons. This approach to learning allows students to work through lessons at their own speed, with opportunities to revise assignments until understanding is effectively demonstrated. It also encourages teachers to reinforce key curricular topics according to the needs of individual students.

Keeping In Touch & Providing Support

Teachers keep in frequent contact with students and parents, responding to questions through our interactive grade book, phone, email, video conferencing, virtual classrooms or mail. Teachers support students in personalizing curriculum, advising academic strategies, and setting up guidelines for communication. In order to support the learning and strategies for student success, the student’s teachers also keep in contact with each other.


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