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American High School is a virtual school which focuses primarily on middle and high school education. The program also offers training courses to help enhance your learning. It is our commitment to provide students a fine education that prepares them for a better future.

We developed the program with the purpose in mind of transforming the perception that many students have of education. As a result, we created a program that is enjoyable, challenging, flexible, and that enables the students to complete their education and receive their high school diploma within a schedule that suits their needs.

We are extremely affordable educational value while offering a quality online learning program for high school students. Examples of students participating in our programs are athletes, gifted, homeschoolers, actors, traditional, at-risk, remedial, and/or those experiencing problems in the traditional classroom. As in face-to-face classes, online classes include teacher support, lessons, homework, class discussions, and assessments. The main difference is the activities occur over the Internet at a time that is convenient for students. American High School offers the hallmarks of truly effective traditional educational programs quality teachers, quality curriculum, and frequent student-teacher interaction except online.

All courses are taught by certified teachers and meet national and state curriculum. Through American High School, students have access to a wide range of coursework, flexibility in scheduling, developing capacities as independent learners, and more time to complete their coursework.

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American High School’s goal is to guide students toward academic success and future employment. The education that they receive in our school prepares students for the many future roles that they face: a worker, a parent and as a student in higher education. Therefore, sound planning and thoughtful course selection are critical in order for students to make the most of their years in middle school and high school.


Our course catalog describes the programs at American High School. The introductory pages outline student graduation requirements. Also included is information about college entrance requirements and other programs. Course offerings are described departmentally. It is intended that students and parents review this catalog together to make informed decisions about an education program and career pathway that will interest and challenge their intellect. Students should be encouraged to select an academically rigorous program in order to develop to their full potential. Our student counselors are available to advise both students and parents regarding course selection and college/career preparation.

Please click on the link below to find out what State Homeschool Laws are applicable for your students.

State Homeschool Laws

American High School effectively breaks the barriers of time and space of the traditional school system to offer an alternative program that is:

You can access your courses 24 hours a day / 7 days a week from anywhere
You can study and advance at your own pace
Our courses are designed to be relevant to the students’ lives
You can get the quality of a private school education for a fraction of the cost

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If for any reason you’re not 100% satisfied within the first five days of enrollment, we will immediately refund your tuition. American High School gives you a risk-free opportunity to better your future.

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