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Honors/AP Courses

We currently offer AP / Honors classes for Social Studies, English and Science.

Students interested in enrolling in our Honors and AP courses should expect the following:

  • Higher expectations in terms of quality of work, project or report content and organization
  • Greater intensity and depth
  • Intense online class participation
  • Emphasis on analysis rather than memorization
  • Completion of an assignment does not guarantee a good grade
  • Student-centered responsibility for learning
  • Reasonable expectations for all homework
  • Outside readings mandatory
  • Extensive mastery of course-specific terms and the ability to apply those terms
  • Command of logic and recognition of fallacies
  • Willingness to tackle extensive, close readings of complex texts
  • Willingness to explore the world of discourse outside of the textbook
  • Willingness to work on critical evaluation of one's work

Curriculum & Instruction Vision: Research-based Curriculum and instruction.

Mission: Provide rigorous and relevant curriculum which supports implementation of best instructional practices to sustain high student achievement based on data.

Goal: To refine and improve the processes within our school so the collective efforts are organized, efficient, and effective in helping raise student achievement.

Standards-Based Instruction

iGeneration Empowerment Academy focuses on student mastery of the required competencies for each subject area. To add rigor and relevance to each course, the iGeneration Empowerment Academy uses the Understanding by Design lesson and unit planning format. As more of the iGeneration Empowerment Academy curriculum becomes available online, iGeneration Empowerment Academy patrons will be able to see examples of remediation strategies and extended learning opportunities for students in each course, subject, or grade level.

Alignment to the Standards

An instructional expert reviews each standard to ensure our activities have the tightest possible alignment. New national assessments will be operational in the 2013 – 2014 school year, in which schools must demonstrate success using the Common Core State Standards (CCSS).

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